Why we hunt…

Since the dawn of time, when the first Hominids started their journey of life on the evolutionary path of migration towards mankind, we have survived by being the masters of our own destinies, and we have also mastered the ability to endure and to adapt.
We have done so by innovation and by sheer willpower to survive, but in order for mankind to have succeeded in this endeavor of life, they needed to obtain certain skills and conquer against all odds, whatever nature, faith and ancient gods decided to lay in their path. During this time, Man had to eat, Man had to have Shelter, and Man had to succeed, and so it was Hunting that provided early man with the food he needed survive in order to build the tools he needed to live and defend, and bestown him with the courage to succeed. It was a key to human evolution a direct reasons why I am able to write and have this conversation together with you as fellow humans.
Today, many humans have long since forgotten or rather denied those early stone age days where man had to live off the land, and face the hardships of nature and the fear of what night would bring… Man has lost so much touch with his former self that he now views what once was his true way of life, his only way of life, as something best forgotten, something to shy away from, something to ban from our existence entirely and to exist in a world of unreasonable expectance of a better natural world where man is denied his first and most natural instinct…the instinct to be one with nature, to provide food, to track, to chase, to ultimately kill, feed and take pride in it….
Man was born a hunter, but I fear for what man nowadays will die as…

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Kok & Seyffert Big Game Hunting was proud to host Mike Stilson, who was wounded in Iraq during September 2007, on a hunt in September of 2017. We donated his hunt to the Send-A-Vet Foundation and they assisted us in organizing Mike’s safari. There’s an excellent article on Wide Open Spaces about that hunt that you can read at the link above to learn more details about his experience.