Looking for a quality South Africa hunting safari outfitter? Kok & Seyffert Big Game Hunting has some of the best and most affordable hunting in South Africa.

We are a premier hunting outfitter based in South Africa and we have several excellent hunting hunting areas located in the Gauteng, Limpopo, & Mpumalanga Provinces of South Africa.

Hunting In Limpopo Province

Our main hunting area is located on the banks of the Limpopo River on the border with Botswana, near the town of Alldays (approximately a 5 1/2 hour drive north of Johannesburg). Here, hunting is conducted on foot in thick Mopani and Thorn bush, over terrain that varies from hard rocky areas to sandy veld, between mountains and valleys and along the banks of seasonal rivers. Spectacular landscapes and breath-taking scenery await the hunter who wants a true challenge in some of the most unforgiving bush South Africa has to offer.

Hunting In Gauteng Province

The hunting area in Gauteng Province is located about a 1 hour drive from Johannesburg International Airport. This hunting area is the newest addition to our hunting areas. The terrain varies from harsh, rocky craigs to gently rolling hills and provides outstanding habitat for a wide variety of plains game. This hunting area has had very little hunting pressure over the last decade, which has allowed many of the animals to grow to gigantic proportions. We limit the number of hunters we bring to this hunting area and have strict quotas on the number of animals that are hunted each year to ensure that we maintain the high trophy quality on this hunting area. The prices for hunting here are the same as all of our other hunting areas, but if you are interested in hunting here, ensure that you inquire about your hunt as soon as possible to secure your spot so that you don’t miss out on the fantastic hunting available.

Hunting In Mpumalanga Province

The lowveld areas of South Africa’s Mpumalanga Province offer our hunters some of magnificent landscapes and many different species of game. Our hunting areas here varies from thick lowveld scrub to wide open plains, which provides the hunter with a challenging hunt. Our hunting for blesbok and fallow deer is particularly outstanding here.