We are one of South Africa’s premier hunting outfitters and we currently offer hunting for a wide variety of plains and dangerous game in South Africa’s Gauteng, Limpopo, and Mpumalanga Provinces. Below is a list of all the species that may be hunted with us and what province that those animals inhabit. Click on the species that you are interested in for more information.

G = Gauteng Province
L = Limpopo Province
M = Mpumalanga Province

Species List

Black Wildebeest (G,M)
Blesbok (G,M)
Blue Wildebeest (L)
Bushbuck (G,L,M)
Bushpig (L,M)
Cape Buffalo (L,M)
Common Reedbuck (G,M)
Duiker (L,M)
Eland (G,L,M)
Fallow Deer (M)
Gemsbok (Oryx) (G,L)
Giraffe (G,L,M)
Hippo (L,M)
Impala (G,L,M)
Klipspringer (L)
Kudu (G,L,M)
Mountain Reedbuck (G)
Nyala (G,L)
Red Hartebeest (G)
Red Lechwe (M)
Springbok (G)
Steenbok (L)
Warthog (G,L,M)
Waterbuck (G,L,M)
Zebra (G,L,M)